Most website owners often ask if they should use WordPress. You might be asking this question, and to help out, we will share five reasons why you should use WordPress for your website.

WordPress isn’t just a blogging platform anymore. WordPress has transformed into a robust content management system (CMS). It has become very flexible for making virtually any type of website, such as small business brochure sites, eCommerce websites, portfolio websites, personal websites, and much more. WordPress is a free open source web platform that powers millions of websites all over the world. Most of the business websites in Las Vegas and beyond are most likely developed on the WordPress platform.

Here are five important reasons you should use WordPress.

WordPress is safe and secure

With hackers lurking around the internet trying to hijack your website and data, you need a platform that gives you better web security. This is because the last thing you would ever want is to wake up one morning to discover that your website has been hijacked.

Fortunately, WordPress is an advanced platform developed with security in mind. It provides high level of web security to keep your site safe, and also provides plugins to help protect your website against illegal access. In addition, the plugins, themes and other features of WordPress can be updated easily, and updates are provided frequently. You can rest easy knowing that your site and your customers’ data is safe and sound.

WordPress is mobile friendly

Chances are that you’re reading this blog post on a mobile device. A WordPress website, when developed correctly, can be displayed on any device. This means that your audience can see your website anywhere! Your customers will be able to order your goods and services from their mobile phones. If you have an informative site, your viewers will be able to access it from anywhere! A WordPress website designed and developed by RCR Graphic Design will get seen everywhere!

WordPress helps your site rank higher

The brains behind WordPress created it in such a way that search engines, especially Google, gives special preference to sites designed with WordPress. Why is it so? Simply put, Google and other search engines wants the best for their users, hence they prefer sites that load fast, have neat design, easy to navigate and provides an overall user-friendly experience. This is exactly what WordPress does, and it also has special plugins to give your site more optimization!

WordPress and eCommerce

If you are looking to monetize your website, WordPress is the best choice. Any small to large business can use the WordPress platform to sell their goods and services. Let RCR Graphic Design of Las Vegas design and develop your eCommerce solution. There are many options you can add to your online store such as, product catalogues, services, promotions, bundled services, drop shipping, and so much more. Contact Rick at RCR Graphic Design today for an easy eCommerce solution.

Take control of your website

Once you have your website you and your team will be able to easily add or change content. WordPress has one of the most intuitive and user-friendly CMS’s (content management systems) on the internet. Rick will train and show you how to navigate the backend so you’ll be updating your site like a pro!

You can upload images, video files and also audio easily on WordPress through its built-in media uploader. Additionally, you don’t have to upload these files manually, and you can always embed videos from YouTube, pictures from Instagram, tweets and also audio simply by pasting the URL in the post editor.

RCR Graphic Design Can Deliver Results

Contact RCR Graphic Design and let’s get to work on your website tomorrow. Rick will design and develop for you a blazing fast website that’s both mobile friendly and easy on the eyes. You’ll find Rick is easy to work with, responsive, and will meet deadlines 99% of the time. You’ll receive expert guidance and will be able to make revisions as the site comes alive. Rick’s pricing is reasonable and transparent. There’ll never be any hidden fees or billing surprises.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!